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Mibel, Mercado Ibérico de  Electricidade



Creation and Development

1998 was the year wherein the Portuguese and Spanish authorities started talks and conducted research studies in order to increasingly dismantle the barriers and encourage the establishment of the Iberian Electricity Market. Since then, a number of events took place that gradually underpinned the creation and development of what nowadays is known as the Iberian Electricity Market.

The course aimed at here commenced in 2001 and is based on events that each year has proved to be key events in Portugal and Spain in creating and developing MIBEL.


  • 2010 (Portuguese Version)
  • 2009 (Portuguese Version)
  • 2008 (Portuguese Version)
  • 2007 (Portuguese Version)
  • 2006 (Portuguese Version)
  • 2005 (Portuguese Version)
  • 2004 (Portuguese Version)
  • 2003 (Portuguese Version)
  • 2002 (Portuguese Version)
  • 2001 (Portuguese Version)