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  • REN – Redes Energéticas Nacionais, SGPS, S.A (National Energy Networks)

    REN – Rede Eléctrica Nacional, SA is responsible within the national electricity system, for the electricity transmission network activity exclusively and as a public service via concession.

    The electricity transmission network activity includes the development, operation and maintenance of the National Electricity Transmission Network (RNT) as well as its interconnection with other networks and the global technical management of the National Electricity System (SEN) and ensures the coordination of its production and distribution plants. 

    The global management of SEN includes coordinating its infrastructures so as to ensure its complete and consistent functioning, the safety and continuity of the electricity energy supply and the management of the system services which is carried out by a specific market operated by REN – Rede Eléctrica Nacional.

    The general economic interest of the services provided by REN – Rede Eléctrica Nacional (100% held by REN – Redes Energéticas Nacionais, SGPS, SA) and the major ownership of the share capital by public sector companies, namely Parpública and Caixa Geral de Depóstios, further establish rules regarding public companies pursuant to Decree-Law No. 558/99 of 17 December.




    The REE is responsible for the transport network and is an operator/agent of the Spanish electric system.

    The transport activity is distinct from that of the generation and distribution activity. REE is also responsible for the technical management of the Spanish electric system. It holds 99% of the stake in the Spanish high-voltage electric power transmission network and is the sole company specialising in the electricity transmission in Spain. 

    As operator/agent of the Spanish electric system, REE’s main duty is that of ensuring the continuity and safety of the electricity supply and a steady coordination of production and transmission system. REE carries out its duties with operators/agents and other individuals of the Iberian Electricity Market as per the principals of transparency, objectivity and self-regulation.

Market Operators